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Verity White Releases Double A Side - “Look Inside” and “Too Much” AVAILABLE NOW
2016 was quite a year for blues/rock vocal powerhouse, Verity White.  Not only did White complete a very successful tour, as backing vocalist for neo progressive rock stalwarts Pendragon, but she also released her first solo EP.  The much praised “Parentheses” EP saw White gain recognition both in the UK and in France, where a top rock magazine voted it one of 2016’s best releases.

With the music and production provided by fiancé Alex White, the two tracks provide a great example of what can be achieved with both musical and life chemistry.  Lyrically deep “Look Inside” is a powerful and emotive examination of the anxiety that can come about from constantly being judged.

The more light-hearted “Too Much” is a story of how Verity met and (in her words) “picked up” Alex in a bar eight years ago.  Well that night has worked out OK for this talented couple.  Bluesy guitar from Alex combined with Verity’s powerful voice make “Too Much” a perfect example of the blues/rock genre.

These two tracks look set to keep Verity White’s fledgling career in the right direction. 

The tracks are available at the follow outlets