The Aim

The Aim Release Album “Days Like These”
Every now and then an album comes along that reaffirms your love of British music.  Albums that really excite have been thin on the ground in 2016, but the musical year has been saved from obscurity with the arrival of “Days Like These” by The Aim.
The Aim are a collective of six impressive London musicians that have already established a dedicated following.  Already firm favourites with BBC London’s Gary Crowley, Mod Radio and SRB Radio, this new offering has further enhanced The Aim’s growing reputation. 
The band’s influences are obvious.  The Who, Small Faces, Paul Weller have all influenced the band and if you ever enjoyed the live energy of Dr Feelgood and Nine Below Zero, then The Aim are certainly for you.
The band were delighted when Jon Astley agreed to master the album, having mastered for people such as The Who and The Small Faces.  The result is an album of extremely high quality. 
Lyrically, the writing covers such issues as the homeless, child sex trafficking and one night stands.  This is intelligent story telling through music.  2016 saw The Aim undertake a series of well received live shows with acts such as Dave Wakeling and the English Beat, The Hoosiers and Paul Young.  With a series of live shows (including playing with a 26-piece orchestra on 2nd February 2017 at the Hide Away Jazz Club), 2017 looks like it is going to be a busy year for The Aim.
“Big big tune….superb souped up R&B” – Gary Crowley, BBC London