Magazine Gap to Release Calling Card EP

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Musically impressive London three-piece Magazine Gap are rounding off a busy 2016 by releasing a four-track EP on 25th November. The EP is a very satisfying conclusion to the year by pulling together the band’s exciting, fresh new releases.

Title track “Calling Card” is the latest song that the band have just unveiled, complete with another performance-style video on YouTube.  “Calling Card” is the third in the triplet of songs written and recorded together that carries on tapping into the pop/funk revival, as brought about by the likes of Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson.  The other two songs, “What’s That About?” and “Body Language”, have already garnered extremely positive responses from fans and critics alike.

The band’s clever amalgamation of pop/funk – with a cool R&B groove provided by producer-drummer Brian McCook, augmented by the dexterity of dynamic pianist Alex Ho, combined with the intelligent lyrics, electric guitar and distinctive soulful voice of James Keen – have certainly been a highlight of 2016.  The EP opens with the thumping track “Snakes & Ladders”, which was a finalist in the 2015 USA Songwriting Competition.  These sumptuous four tracks fit perfectly together to offer something to feast on for Christmas.
With another but different new single on the way at the end of January, the Calling Card EP is a perfect way to get intimately acquainted with Magazine Gap before they continue their evolution in 2017.
Listen to the whole EP on SoundCloud.