Cara Hammond


Cara Hammond New Single “No” Available NOW and Her Appearance at Love Supreme Festival

“No” promises to make a very important statement.

The über talented singer / songwriter, Cara Hammond, is only 20 years old but already has an impressive body of work behind her.  With three acclaimed EPs since 2013, has seen the Leeds based Welsh artist steadily increase her reputation with each release.

The lyrically clever intelligent pop of Cara Hammond, is now set to take on an even deeper guise with the single “No”.   “No” carries an important message, particularly for girls Cara’s age.  It is a message to her contempories that they do have the right to say “No”.
With influences such as Amy Winehouse, Carole King and Paolo Nutini, Cara has developed her own sound that encompasses a beautiful pop sensitivity, combined with an endearing quirkiness that makes her stand out from the rest. 

“No” promises to make a very important statement.