Blitzed at the Café de Paris

Blitzed at the Café

The Legendary Blitz Club to be celebrated at the Café de Paris on Sunday, 28th August 2016



The spirit of the iconic Blitz Club is being celebrated with a special event that features artists and DJs who were part of or inspired by Steve Strange’s influential and legendary club.
The evening will be hosted by London nightlife legend Tommy Mack….the King of Clubs and features Steve Norman of Spandau Ballet, Jennie Bellstar, Martin Degville’s Sigue Sigue Sputnik and more.
The Blitz was hugely important in the emergence of the music and fashion that will go on to dominate the 80s.  During 1979 and 1980 a bunch of artistic and creative young people, united by their love of the music and fashion of Roxy Music and Davie Bowie, would attend the weekly club night in Covent Garden.  Hosted by Steve Strange, it was here that the New Romantic movement would emerge and bands such as Visage and Spandau Ballet would go on to have worldwide hits.
Blitzed at the Café de Paris on Sunday, 28th August will be celebration of the spirit of creativeness as well as nostalgia for a time when the fashionable young wouldn’t settle for the humdrum.